Bilterms is a complete, web-based enterprise practice management solution that streamlines clinical, administrative, and financial operations of care delivery organizations, enabling unprecedented collaboration, productivity and growth.

Practice Management

We are committed to empowering your care teams with the right tools they need to deliver their best care and stay compliant.

Electronic Records

The Electronic Health Record is the most integral feature in our solution. It tracks client information and it is a necessity for all providers. More importantly, EHR will improve your ability to provide quality care to your clients while saving money

Medical Billing

Our software correctly tracks the daily attendance, which will be used to create your claims. This guarantees you are receiving timely and correct payment for the services you render

User reviews

We are very proud of our product and stand by the service we provide. Read the testimonials from our happy customers.
Thanks for going above and beyond to everyone at Bilterms. I truly appreciate a live and caring person being there when I have requests.

Mohamed Ahmed


We implemented Bilterms into our Adult Daycare Center a year ago to get rid of paper charts and improve our collection processes. Bilterms has benefited not only our business, but also our patients, which is our top priority.

Mo Said


Bilterms is always trying to improve and they tell you their progress in that area and give routine updates. Bilterms is mindful of billing requests and takes suggestions very seriously.

Adam Jama

Billing Manager

It’s very easy to learn and user friendly

Nimo Ali

Front Desk

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